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Carlisle & Vine pet spa

What do you picture when you think about living your best life? Has that picture become a little fuzzy? Renew your vision and reimagine what your best life can look like at Carlisle & Vine. There is an unmistakable quality of genuine luxury. Never settle for an approximation or imitation. Start with three main ingredients; a beautiful place to live, surrounded by a beautiful neighborhood, filled with things and people that you love. Enjoy luxury apartment features that make coming home your favorite part of the day. Nothing says luxury cannot make your life easier. Find the floorplan and layout that speaks to you and what you want your daily life to be like. Share your good fortune with the people you love, especially the ones on four legs. Community amenities like these are for sharing and socializing. Come and get the beautiful life you want right here.

Uptown Beautiful

The hottest days of summer passing away means the cooler months are around the corner. Uptown summer fun is not over, so don’t pack away your sunscreen just yet. Find the time to enjoy your favorite friend on four legs before the weather has you both huddled indoors. Your faithful companion deserves the best, so treat them to something uniquely theirs. Start by spending more time in the on-site pet park. Nothing pairs better with a new squeaky toy than an afternoon of fetch and tug of war. You can make it a play date, and get the pack in on the fun. Want low-key furry fun? Head to the pet lounge and relax. A day of good clean fun deserves a good clean up. Pamper your pooch with special treatment at the dog bath spa. There is nothing like a good scrub and your pet will love the care.

Enjoy Uptown luxury and start living your best life at Carlisle & Vine. Discover a home you want to savor.

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