Uplifted Urban Living

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Find your way back to a lifestyle that cares about you. Getting lost in your workday after day is easy. After spending hours head-down in meaningful work, really making a difference, you need to relax and recharge. Find your sanctuary at Carlisle & Vine luxury apartment homes in Uptown. Coming home to more work after a long day is not on anyone’s schedule. Find a home that cares for you with luxury apartment features that are easy to live with. The right floorplan and layout can make all the difference. Match your need to breathe with the room to move in a spacious floorplan. Ultimately, people are what it is all about; make time to reconnect. Community amenities help you socialize at your own pace at your own terms. Start making plans about the weekend and think about taking some friends along. Refresh, recharge and get a new perspective.

Uplifted Urban Living

You are the CEO of your life; but that also means you are the driver, chef, and janitor. Find the help you need taking some work off your plate with your friendly concierge. Enjoy a helper that is available 24/7. Although the faces may change, the depth of neighborhood knowledge, helpfulness, and friendliness abound. Are you looking for the best Pho? Want to know the best route out of the city? Ask your concierge. There is someone to help you behind a desk with a great smile, ready for your question. Let them take some of your to-dos. A long day at the office can make you screen-averse for a few hours. Enjoy the warmth of a friendly voice that is eager to help that does not plug into Wi-Fi. The same warm voice that helped you choose a restaurant will be the same to welcome you home again.

Enjoy uplifted urban living when you make your home at Carlisle & Vine, luxury apartment homes in Uptown.

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