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Shortly after fire, humans invented Taco Tuesday. Although early humans lacked a calendar, the appeal of eating meat and veg in a tortilla was unmistakable. Only now through the forbearance of history, has Taco Tuesday been perfected at TNT: Tacos and Tequila. In their own words “A skewer of grilled meat, vegetables and fish in one hand and fresh lime, lemon and orange in the other – that’s the essence of TNT / Tacos and Tequila. Owners Jim and Liz Baron, with TNT Operating Partner, David Pencsak, reduced their flagship restaurant concept, Blue Mesa Grill, down to its core elements. A simple grill where skewers are grilled to order and featured in tacos, wraps, burritos, and salads. And a tequila bar where freshly squeezed juice takes a good tequila cocktail and makes it the best. With both the kitchen and the bar, our distinctive bold and colorful taste of the southwest shines through. Our made-from-scratch artisan approach is the cornerstone of TNT’s flavor profile. As Liz Baron aptly puts it, “Fundamentally, it’s about the quality of the food and beverages that we make.”

Discover TNT: Tacos and Tequila. You always find more than indulgent luxury apartments at the Carlisle & Vine in Dallas Texas.

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