The Katy Trail Ice House near Carlisle & Vine

The Katy Trail Ice House near Carlisle & Vine

Let your life be a series of joys stitched together over the decades. Life is much more than the hours you spend at work. Start by living in a place you will love; Carlisle & Vine. In the heart of Uptown, you immediately discover how boundless living well really is. Indulge yourself with easy yet genuine luxury features that inspire bliss at every turn. The lifestyle you want is waiting for you, and now you can find the floorplan and layout to match your vision. What is enjoying the good life for if not for sharing? Socialize with your friends and neighbors with community amenities perfect for bringing people together. A new place to live is only as good as the neighborhood you live in. Fill your social calendar with visits to the best restaurants, entertainment venues, and pubs your new neighborhood has to offer. Treat yourself better than ever.

The Katy Trail Ice House

Whether running is a passion or a race, hit the trail and land at The Katy Trail Ice House. In their own words, “The Ice House is an Austin style beer garden and restaurant, located in the heart of uptown Dallas on the Katy Trail.   A fifty-foot long bar boasts fifty beers on tap, ranging from Texas Domestics to Regional and International Imports on the draw. We have been awarded the best patio in Dallas with our open seating communal beer garden… The Ice House has over 50 beers on tap. We have a wide range of craft Texas beers, Mexican beers, which we call Texas beers anyway, and one ‘foreign’ beer – “Guinness.”… All of the food on the menu, with the exception of the bread, is made from scratch. Thurs-Sun, The Ice House serves up Texas BBQ which goes fast, so get here early to ensure you get some!”

Enjoy The Katy Trail Ice House near Carlisle & Vine. Your new luxury apartment home is ready to host your new lifestyle.

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