The Best of French Cuisine in Dallas

French Cuisine

True, it’s hard to find the true authentic taste of a country outside of it (especially French Cuisine) – in part thanks to the United States’ habit of blending cultures together to create an entirely new flavor on its own – but thankfully, at Carlisle & Vine, you can get the next best thing from the front door step of our luxury apartments, due to the huge assortment of restaurants in Dallas that put the heart of their culture into every dish.

Rise is a small yet blossoming restaurant chain dedicated to presenting the best of authentic French cuisine right in Texas, perfect for those that don’t have the time or money to travel all the way to Paris for a weekend food excursion. Their first location, fittingly called Rise no.1, is just five miles away from our Dallas luxury apartments, meaning that you can stop by or sit down at your reserved table with just fifteen minutes of driving. Their signature dish, the hard-to-master souffle, is a sumptuous treat for any diner to enjoy, whether you’re eager to try one of their savory dinner selections – such as their sun-dried tomato & pesto chevre, creamed spinach, or Southwest chicken souffles – or you want something sweet to finish off your day – like the decadent raspberry, chocolate, or praline pecan options. Even if you don’t want to have a souffle, they have several other appetizing entrees to try, including their seared ahi tuna steak or their Parisian jambon sandwich.

Step into the beautiful realm of France without leaving the state of Texas here at Carlisle & Vine. Explore our uptown Dallas luxury apartments and Rise no.1 during your next French Cuisine food craving.

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