Shopping Made Simple in Our Dallas Apartments


The holiday season is looming toward us, and while it’s otherwise a joyous and merry time of year in which families can gather and celebrate the end of the year, it can cause some unintentional stress due to the pressure of giving gifts to your loved ones and fighting to get what they want before all the materials are gone. Thankfully, our luxury apartments at Carlisle & Vine offer more than just incredible homes; they also have the best tech and tools you need to make holiday shopping a breeze.

Our luxury apartments have teamed up with Amazon, meaning that each home will have amenities that make the online market much more accessible and give you some peace of mind this season. For starters, every resident will receive a complimentary year of Amazon Prime when they move into our luxury apartments, so you’ll be able to have full access to fast delivery, their expansive digital movie and music libraries, and even special deals only Prime members can use. Each apartment will also have an Alexan home device, such as the Amazon Echo. This means you have the ability to control your home ambience, order groceries, set alarms and reminders, or get informative answers through the power of your voice. Finally, we have a 24/7 package pickup service via Amazon Hub, so you can pick up all your online orders and packages at any time and without any hassle.

Enjoy shopping and the holidays the way they are meant to be here at Carlisle & Vine. Take a look around our high-tech luxury apartments in Dallas today.

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