Del Frisco's Grille in Uptown

Del Frisco’s Grille in Uptown

Craving the best that life has to offer can be a challenge. Finding the right restaurants and hangout, not to mention a home, have their unique difficulties. Save some time and start right at the top with Carlisle & Vine, luxury apartment homes in the heart of Uptown. This neighborhood is well-known for peak dining, just as Carlisle & Vine is known for peak luxury. Enjoy the freedom of matching your floorplan and layout to the lifestyle you want to live. Find the square footage for fast-paced living or laid back long weekends. Inviting community amenities make socializing with your neighbors easy. They are also perfect for finding some alone-time outside your home. Best of all, Uptown is all around you. Join your friends and try a new fantastic restaurant. Find a late brunch...

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Young businesswoman taking notes while speaking on her cellphone

Uplifted Urban Living

Find your way back to a lifestyle that cares about you. Getting lost in your workday after day is easy. After spending hours head-down in meaningful work, really making a difference, you need to relax and recharge. Find your sanctuary at Carlisle & Vine luxury apartment homes in Uptown. Coming home to more work after a long day is not on anyone’s schedule. Find a home that cares for you...

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Carlisle & Vine luxury apartment kitchen and drybar

Your Portion of Joy

Multiple meetings, deadlines, goals, the list can seem endless. Everyone is busy. Make sure you have a home that helps you relax, recharge, and reassess in the right proportion for fantastic work/life balance. Find your portion of joy at Carlisle & Vine. Create your cradle of joy inside an apartment that is beautiful and stress-free. Ample luxury apartment features help you focus on your...

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Carlisle & Vine Luxury One Bedroom Floor Plan

A6 – 1 Bed / 1 Bath in Dallas

Start your beautiful life with an equally beautiful luxury apartment home. Come home to the Carlisle & Vine and find the life you have waited for. The perfect toast is made of the perfect words, just as your lifestyle requires the perfect luxury apartment. Be it a one-bedroom for a life on the go, or the spaciousness of a two-bedroom, you will find the floorplan and layout for the life you...

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The Katy Trail Ice House near Carlisle & Vine

The Katy Trail Ice House near Carlisle & Vine

Let your life be a series of joys stitched together over the decades. Life is much more than the hours you spend at work. Start by living in a place you will love; Carlisle & Vine. In the heart of Uptown, you...

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