Carlisle & Vine luxury apartments in uptown

Luxury Apartments in Uptown

Fill your night with the homecoming you deserve. Make your move to the Carlisle & Vine and find the luxury welcome you desire. Surround yourself with premier luxury apartment features that are beautiful and make your life easier. Choose just the right space for the life you want to live. Every floorplan and layout is warm and inviting. Coming home will be the best part of your day. Want to share the good life with your friends? Host your friends for a long weekend and keep them entertained with amazing community amenities that extend your enjoyment beyond your doorstep. Your new community is designed to help you socialize with your neighbors – everyone is just another friend you haven’t met yet. But the fun doesn’t end there. Plan a long night out. Your next favorite...

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uptown luxury apartment features

Uptown Luxury Apartments

Welcome home to the life you have always wanted. At the Carlisle & Vine, you can discover personal luxury as you have never experienced. Start your journey surrounded by luxury apartment features that enhance your comfort and entice your senses. Don’t be surprised when your friends pick your new home as their favorite hot spot. Welcome them and your new neighbors to share community...

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A1 1 bed/1bath love

A1 – 1bed/1bath

Your next home should be perfect – begin with a space you love. Start your dream life at the Carlisle & Vine in Dallas Texas. Happiness is defined by more than square footage. How your layout flows in the floor plan you choose can have a deep impact. Here, you can enjoy the easy living of a spacious layout that is inviting to friends. Feel comfortable sharing your personal space....

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Start Spring with Splendid Sights in Dallas

With March finally upon us, it won’t be long for spring to come around once more, bringing us its vivid color, warmer temperatures, rainy days, and of course, the vivid blooms of wildflowers and foliage. Texas is...

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Uptown Dallas Apartments

Freedom of Fitness in Our Uptown Dallas Apartments

Daily exercise can serve as a remedy and relief to several chronic illnesses, including diabetes, asthma, mild depression, and sleep apnea, and it’s a great compliment to a healthy lifestyle, so why not engage in...

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