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Dallas Luxury Apartments

When you live at the Carlisle & Vine, you discover luxury apartments in Dallas where beauty is more than skin deep. Dive into a lifestyle where apartment features aren’t just beautiful, but make your life easier. Here you can enjoy a world designed around you, and a life filled with fun and friends. Indulge your friends and out of town guests with a suite of community amenities that are perfect for a 3-day weekend. You can rest easy knowing you picked the layout and floorplan perfect for the life you want. Your new surrounding neighborhood has plenty of things to offer. Treat yourself and your friends to dining, entertainment and social venues that will keep you coming back for another good time.

One of the best things about getting a new luxury apartment is hosting your...

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Uptown Health-Style

Perhaps you are one of those people who has yet to kick-start your 2019 with a new fitness routine or health regimen? Well, it is not too late! Uptown Dallas has a variety of options from which to choose to start AND most importantly MAINTAIN your new “health-style!”

Whether you want to focus on nutrition and inner balance, trying Simple Veda would be the perfect overall start that...

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A6 – Luxury 1 Bed 1 Bath Apartment in Dallas

A6 – Luxury 1 Bed 1 Bath Apartment in Dallas

Often the luxury we can experience depends on the home we’re in.  Make your move towards the lifestyle you deserve when you live at the Carlisle & Vine luxury apartment homes in Dallas, Texas.  Enjoy luxury...

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Succulent Sushi in Dallas

Japanese cuisine stands out above all else due to their innovation with seafood. Their most memorable dishes, sushi and sashimi, don’t even need their fish to be cooked, giving a cool and delicious taste alongside of fresh steamed rice. True, you can get both classic and American-style sushi at any local Asian restaurant, but our luxury apartments at Carlisle & Vine put you close to...

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New Year’s Eve in Uptown

Still unsure how you want to say goodbye to 2018? Uptown Dallas has some fantastic ideas from which to select for your New Year’s Even celebration!

Are you interested in dining out? St. Ann’s is an upscale restaurant with a fantastic variety of American staples you can relax and enjoy.  Truluck’s, Uchi, Perry’s, as well as Nick and Sam’s and Ocean Prime are some other stylish...

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